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Gianina Sáenz

My name is Gianina Sáenz and I was born in Lima, Peru. I was living in Italy and now I live in Austria. I studied public graphical design in Lima and completed my study of Montessori child-care in Austria.
I liked painting and drawing already when I was a child. This is a talent which I have since my childhood. In Lima I participated in courses of painting in acryl, temperas and aquarell, as well as painting in acryl for textiles. I also participated in courses of ceramics in Lima and opened my own ceramics atelier in my town.

My passion for arts has guided me through different parts of the world. One of them was Italiy where I got to know very intensively its culture and society. Italy was my door to enter Europe.

Peru always was the origin for my paintings. That's why my paintings always contains Peruvian motives, which mean the colors, the harmony, the places and its people. They are the base for the expression of my images..